About us

Welcome to all about scuba , we endeavour to succeed through supporting local divers and divers interstate with all the necessary means to keep you having fun, safe and diving all year round.

We opened our doors in the early 2000’s to provide the local community a one stop shop for diver training, air fills, servicing and dive equipment for divers and their diving endeavours.

At the heart of all about scuba lies all about servicing. All About servicing is a our main service centre offering our services all entities far beyond scuba.

Our service centre is separate from our retail store to allow for a fast turn around on all servicing of equipment. We do hydrostatic testing to the specified Australian and Manufacture standards on site. We cater for individuals who wish to customise their kits.

We at All About Scuba pride ourselves in offering a service that supports you, to help you become a self reliant diver through time and guidance. Be the best buddy through training, practical education and active diving . We are a social entity which holds safety as our number one priority whilst still maintaining the fun which breaks away from work life.

We assist our customers in making decisions based on their own comfort and ability.

For underwater , we are all the same…

Meet the Team


Owner and Director


General Operations manager


Sales and Marketing manager


Junior Retail Assistant / Diver


TQS Service Technician


SDI TDI Instructor


Dive Master


Melbourne Hydroservices Technician

Underwater ,we are all the same…..