About us

Here to create self-reliant divers and support you with your needs in both training and gear maintenance

All about scuba is primarily a service centre which provides a holistic approach to all types of scuba diving.  We opened our doors in the early 2000s to provide the local community a one stop shop for dive training, air fills, servicing and dive equipment for divers to pursue their diving endeavours.

Since opening we have expanded our knowledge and staff to further cater for supporting air rifle, paintball and race boating.

Our service centre is seperate from our retail store to allow for a fast turn around on all servicing equipment. We do hydrostatic testing to the specified Australian and manufacture standards on site. Catering for individuals who wish to customise their kits.

We at All About Scuba and pride ourselves in offering a service that supports you, to help you become a self reliant diver through time and a support. To be the best buddy through training, practical education and active diving . We are a social entity which holds safety as our number one priority whilst maintaining the fun which breaks away from work life.

We insist on our customers to make decisions based on their own comfort and ability. For underwater , we are all the same…

Meet the Team

Hi guys!

Im Ronald ,I own and operate of All About Scuba, All about Servicing and Technicians Qualified systems here in Melbourne, Australia. I have a passion for tinkering, troubleshooting and servicing items. I enjoy making the impossible possible and who could forget a love for technical diving. I am the current technical instructor here and Technician trainer for Oceanic, Hollis, Atomic, Zeagle, Oceanpro and Cressi


I’m Andy from Melbourne hydroservices , i currently provide all the hydrostatic testing here at all about Scuba.

Hi there!

My name is Janady ,I am part of the support crew here at All About Servicing, All About Servicing and Technicians Qualification System.

I am a diver with a passion for learning . I pride myself in safety . Diving for me is a a challenge of mental state, and the ability to perform skills under pressure.

Hey Friends!

My name is Ashir and i too am a member of the support crew here at All About Servicing , All about Scuba and Technicians Qualification system

As an Animal and Veterinary Bioscience grad I have a Love for all things science! Especially Zoology , Animal physiology and biochemistry of marine organisms.

Diving gives me the opportunity to explore the world below and observe in real time the theory behind all i have been taught. I Love learning just as much as i love to teach.

Hi everyone!

My names Ben and I’m a junior diver here at All About scuba. I started diving because i wanted to explore underwater. When i finish year 12 i would like to become a marine biologist.

Underwater ,we are all the same…..