Brighton South Road

Great site when winds are blowing from the N to NE. Park at the carpark Southwest of the intersection of Beach and South Roads carpark, parking is metered so make sure you get a ticket. Walk down the steps and head north along the Bay Trail path until you see a set of steps leading to the beach. Head straight out from the beach and you will come across the remnants of the Kennett Baths. The Baths sides run perpendicular and the outer side runs parallel to the beach. Once you have had enough the baths take a heading south parallel with the out wall and head across the sand to the reef. There are three reefs to go across depending on your air consumption. To return to the step head North at any stage during the dive over the Reef Depth is 3 to 4 metres It is quite shallow on top of the reef so make sure you keep an eye on your depth. There is Boat traffic here so stay away from the surface if you hear a boat coming. Tow a dive flag.  Site has small Nudibranchs, Shrimps and variety of small fishes and during the cooler months Schnapper, Dusky Morwongs, eagle Rays and even King fish can be seen over the reefs

Underwater ,we are all the same…..