Katie Cove

Is another fantastic site when the winds are coming from the North. Park in the carpark on the corner of The Esplanade and Cole Street, walk across the back and down the embankment head out to the right and follow the sandy path underwater. There is a Small Pointed rock showing the entrance to the cove surface swim out and keep the rock on your Right hand side. But the Rock may not be visable on High Tide . While at the surface look back at the opening and get a shore reference as it can be difficult to see when you are coming back. The site drops down to 3 metres pretty quick once you are out Head SSE for about 30 minutes and it will take you across 3 reefs and down to 5 to 6 metres. Site has small Nudibranchs , Shrimps and variety of small fishes great for photography.

Underwater ,we are all the same…..