Lets Go Diving

For many of you diving is an outlet, a learning journey , a challenge ,  a sport, a place where you can explore and be free. It is a break away from work life and just Pure Fun! What ever it is,  we here  at All About Scuba  pride ourselves building a safe and comfortable community that supports you along your journey. We are here to help you become a self reliant diver who will become confident with time and practice. Hopefully  in future you to could be a role model for the next generation of first time divers.

To help  with building a dive  community we  need divers like yourself to  be assertive and aware or your skills and comfort by being proactive.  Ask Questions! Express your Concerns. Be aware of your buddy. Be safe and Be a team.

Facebook Dive buddies social Group

We  do not offer a Club membership or are apart of any groups or association which means you are in control of who you would like to dive with freely. Facebook Dive Buddies Social group is a group that offers a community where you can attend dives created by those in the group or  create your own dive  and have others attend.   You are even welcome to create events like BBQs , holidays or share information you think is worth expressing.

This group has been created to post all dive planning and subsequent discussion, so that details aren’t lost in the rolling discussion of a message group.

This group is a social group for all of  divers to use to keep in touch on all diving matters, and not formally sponsored, or otherwise, by All About Scuba, per se.

If you’re looking for a dive buddy, feel free to post away.


Underwater ,we are all the same…..