Mornington Pier

A nice dive if you want a bit of depth or to run skills. Good site when the rest of the bay is choppy except for NW, W & SW.  Park in the Carpark but be aware that some areas are timed. The parking behind the Yacht Club is the longest.   This site goes down to 10 metres at the end of the pier and is extremely silty so keeping off the bottom is a must otherwise the people behind you will not be impressed. You can enter this site from a few places, via the Small boat ramp in front of the yacht Club, in the corner of the harbor which is a large giant stride of 6 feet, or half way down the main pier. Be aware that this is a working pier and there can be boat traffic. Enter the water at the little boat ramp, hang on to the side of the ramp as it can be slippery. Do a surface swim across to the small east west pier and dive west to edge of western edge of the carpark. Surface and check out boat traffic either a surface swim or under the boats to the first part of the Old Pier, there is a small opening on the west that will allow you to go under the pier, Torches are essential as it is dark as a cave. You can always just cruise along the outside of the Pier and go under where the new pier

Underwater ,we are all the same…..