Port Arlington

A nice pier dive but can be silty and dark , Probably one of the best night dives you can do in the middle of the dark , take a torch . Great spot to dive when winds are SW or S. Portarlington is a working pier so do not stay into the inside of the boat area. Mussel boats load and unload here as well as the Ferry pick up is from the inside of the harbour. Park in the Carp park and head down to the water and enter on the western side of the pier. Stay under the pier and work your way to the large area at the end of the pier, It is dark and silty so stay off the bottom, go around to the left of the break wall and follow it around. There may be currents outside and is a fair way to the end so plan your turn around point with air in mind. DO NOT go all the way and enter the boat harbor!!. Lots of small stuff to see at this pier, there are lots of 7 arm star fishes under the pier where the Mussel boats dock. Depth is about 3 metres outside the break wall.

Underwater ,we are all the same…..