Portsea Pier

A great dive when the winds are from SW or South. Before entering the water look at the swell breaking on the beach, since the Channel deepening the swells have increased at the pier and can make diving uncomfortable. Park in the carpark note the time limit restrictions , if the waves are small you can enter via the small beach on the western side of the pier or walk out to the lower landing on the east side. Be aware that this is a pick up point for boat charters stay away from the east side when you have entered the water. Dive under the pier and  you will most likely see Weedy Sea Dragons and a big school of Globe fish that always seem to frequent the end of the Pier. Depth is approx. 4 metres , There are a few Nudibranchs on the pylons or on the sand below the Pier , but little can be seen after big swells. There is a small reef on the western side of the pier that can be reached on the return. This is in a boat mooring area and shallow so tow a dive float.

Underwater ,we are all the same…..