Recreational Diving

Recreational diving is a broad spectrum of different levels of scuba diving. These levels are based on training and experience . The maximum depth no more than 40meters.

In order to begin your scuba diving adventures your first rating is an Open water Scuba diving rating. As an open water Scuba Diver your starting max depth rating is 18 meters. At this level you will learn the basics fundamentals of the ocean and scuba diving. From here you will need to dive on a regular basis to gain more experience and become more comfortable in the water. Once comfortable the next step is to further your education with the next course being a Advance Adventure diver. It is recommended for you to have completed 25 dives before commencing. This is to ensure you understand your fundamentals before adding more information.

Advance Scuba Diver builds on Open water Scuba Diving this includes, deeper dives, enhancing and perfecting trim and buoyancy, Navigation , planning and ways to stay safe at this level your deep dive max is 30 metres.


As with most tasks you’ve never performed there is increased in stress, nerves and over stimulation. There is a want and need to be good first time round. With this in mind we suggest you always express your worries and needs to us before getting in the water, during your time in the water and after your dive . So that we understand and are aware to allow for necessary precautions to be placed . Some times this means that if things don’t go to plan we can always organise another dive when your ready. Secondly this helps with YOU ultimatley become a better diver by knowing where you need to improve. Lastly always pick a scuba instructor or shop you feel most comfortable with who will work with you and guide you to achieve your goals.

Scuba diving is a beautiful sport but it is a dangerous sport so its always best to be safe from the beginning and continue that safety throughout your adventure. If you wish to let others lead the dive please ensure you know your kit and skills like the back of your hand. Coming home is the end safe is the end goal.

Underwater ,we are all the same…..