Rye Pier

Great dive site to do drills and skills when the wind is coming from the SW , S or SE. Park in the car park but be mindful of the time limit. Bit of a long walk out either along the pier or along the sand, but always worth it. The pier is home to lots of small creatures like Seahorses and the occasional octopus. There is a manmade area called Elsie’s Reef north of the pier, just follow the Star Pickets out to the site. Depth will get you to 7 metres at Elsie’s and 4 to 5 along the end leg of the pier. Great spot in Spring to see little sting rays they are as abundant as leaves blowing in the wind. There is a small corete wreck on the inside of the pier that you can swim around on the way back , lots bto see under it. Be mindful that the water is shallow here under 2 metres.

Underwater ,we are all the same…..