Frequently asked questions : All About Servicing

How much is a complete service expected cost?

A complete service of a first stage, second stage and alternative air generally costs $165 + parts.

What is involved in a Complete service?

A complete service involves Pre test, disassemble, cleaning of parts, assemble with the use of service kits followed up by tests depending on the manufacture of products.

Can i get my tank tested?

Yes you can! here at all about servicing we do hydrostatic testing , water jacket testing and more on site.

How often is a scuba tank required to be tested?

An Australian Scuba tank needs to be tested every year for it to be used. Carbon fibre tanks need to be tested every 5 years and only have a 15 year life span unless otherwise specified.

Frequently asked questions : Technicians Qualification Systems

What is Technicians Qualification System (TQS)?

Technicians qualification system is a training agency for students looking gain knowledge in order to pursue a career as a Scuba Service technician.

How can i become a qualified scuba service technician?

The pathway to becoming a scuba service technician begins with our air fill panel operator course. Students will require to complete this course as part entry requirement into level one technician.

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is an agreement between the manufacture and yourself to be able to service their product. A student will need to full fill the manufactures guidelines through updates prior to servicing a particular brand.

How can i apply for a Technicians Course?

Individuals can apply for a course directly by contacting the course coordinator at tqs@allaboutservicing.com.au

Frequently asked questions : All About Scuba

Does All About Scuba offer a Club?

All About scuba does not offer a club. We have a social group of individuals who announce their dives through posting an event as to where they will be going. Divers are most welcome in this social group to post their own events or attend the dives.

Where does All about Scuba Dive?

All about scuba dives most of the bay but more often we do shore dives along the North, north west of the bay. These sites include Williamstown, Brighton or St Leonards but not limited to these sites.

Does all about scuba provide courses?

All about scuba has full range of SDI, TDI courses available from recreational to technical diving.

How do I become a scuba diver?

To become a certified scuba diver, you will need to take the SDI Open water course. This is covered over 3 days with pool, theory and practical sessions. (see courses tab for more info)

What kind of equipment will I need to start?

We recommend you buying your own kit as it is generally specified to your needs. This at the start includes a wetsuit, a mask, snorkel, fins and booties with the optional gloves and hood if diving in Melbourne.  A Buoyancy compensator device, tank and regulator can be purchased later in time.

Do I require to have a high fitness level to scuba dive?

 Students are required to fill a medical form to determine if you are fit for scuba. In terms of the course fitness level along as you can tread water for  10 minutes  and swim 200m  nonstop or 400m with mask and snorkel..

Underwater ,we are all the same…..